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a three part sequence showing a man sitting in a chair with the first two being examples of bad posture and slouching, and the final one being an example of sitting tall with good posture

Posture Matters!

I bet your mother always told you not to slouch when you’re sitting or standing because slouching is bad for you. Slouching, at times, can seem more comfortable than sitting up straight though, so how can it be that bad? Turns out, your mother has some truth to her statement and wasn’t just telling you […]

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close up of a variety of prescription pills scattered over a prescription notepad

How Prescription Medications Affect Bone Health

Our bones are the very support system of our bodies, and keeping them in optimal shape is essential to maintaining physical strength. However, there are some prescription drugs that may negatively affect bone health. Identifying these drugs is an important step in maintaining bone health. Listed below are some common prescription medications that can have […]

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Workplace Ergonomics

For most of us gone are the days, of hard labor on the farm. It may sound like a blessing but given the general condition of health of people around us, it looks like things could have been better. Our regular day jobs require us to sit in a chair for long hours, and the stress and time schedules leave little time for gym and regular workout.

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thin woman smiling

Body Image and Emotional Health

Look good, feel good. There’s truth to those words. While looks certainly aren’t the be all and end all of life, the reality is the better we feel about ourselves the more likely we are to be confident and emotionally healthy beings. According to Nationaleatingdisorders.org body image is, “…how you see yourself when you look […]

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elderly couple excercising

Here’s How to Keep Exercise in Your New Year’s Resolution

The new year is here and if you haven’t already started on attacking your new year’s resolution to exercise more, now is the time. After all, the earlier you start trying to reach your goals the sooner you will. But, how do you start an exercise routine when you either don’t know where to start […]

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Shoulder Impingement & Osteoarthritis

Throughout our lives we can experience damage to our shoulders, often from simple bumps, bruises, and knocks that we experience as part of day to day life. One of the conditions that can affect our shoulders is shoulder impingement syndrome, where the rotator cuff tendons occasionally get compressed or trapped during normal shoulder movements. While […]

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knee meniscus injuries

What You Need to Know About Knee Meniscus Injuries

One of the most common injuries our physicians at Space Coast Orthopedics see in young athletes is a tear of the medial meniscus. The knee contains two menisci. These function to distribute stress during weight bearing activities. When stress is distributed evenly, damage to the cartilage is reduced and ultimately arthritic degeneration can be reduced. […]

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acl injury with bandages

The Low Down on ACL Injuries

The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is an incredibly important ligament that plays a large role in stabilizing your knee. Chances are when you hear about someone sustaining an ACL injury you think about athletes. But these injuries can happen to anyone and when they do it is important that you get seen right away. […]

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hip osteoarthritis and replacement

Hip Osteoarthritis and Replacement

Hip osteoarthritis is an incredibly common degenerative joint disease that occurs when the cartilage at the end of bones wears down. This cartilage plays a vital role in preventing bone from rubbing bone. When it wears down you suddenly experience long-term pain that is caused by bone rubbing on bone. Although osteoarthritis is common, it […]

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Person grabbing knee in pain from Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis and Knee Replacements

Knee osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis of the knee is a common problem seen in individuals as they age. While it can be hereditary, often knee osteoarthritis can also be the result of being overweight or injured. What causes knee osteoarthritis? Knee osteoarthritis occurs when the natural cushioning between your knees – the cartilage – wears […]

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