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Space Coast Orthopaedic Center was founded in 1982 by Hany F. Helmy, M.D. For many years, our physicians and staff have developed strong ties to the communities of Brevard County. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of orthopaedic care.

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husband watches wife gets fucked We have a modern office facility with an on-site JCAHO accredited surgery center and a physical therapy center. Our physicians are on staff at two progressive hospitals in our area, Wuesthoff and Cape Canaveral Hospitals.

husband watches pregnant wife fuck It is of the utmost importance to the physicians at Space Coast Orthopaedic Center that every patient completely understands his/her condition and the most effective treatment options available to remedy it. For this reason each doctor takes the time to talk to you about every aspect of your total orthopaedic management program. Whether you are a 17 year old high school quarterback or a 67 year old grandmother caring for an active grandchild, the goal of the physicians at Space Coast Orthopaedic Center is always the same: to maximize your total movement and performance so you can return to the quality of life you deserve as soon as possible.


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