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Sprains and Strains

  Our practice treats a variety of ligament sprains/muscle strains resulting from injuries or overuse. A thorough examination by our physicians is necessary to recommend treatment options.    

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Elbow Injuries

  Elbow pain can be a result of overuse or acute injury. Our physicians treat many different elbow conditions non-operatively (e.g. physical therapy, injections) and occasionally with surgery depending on the severity of your condition.    

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Meniscal Tears

  The meniscus is a small cartilage cushion inside the knee which acts as a shock absorber between the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone). Injury or degeneration can cause damage to the meniscus. Once damaged, the meniscus does not repair itself and your surgeon may need to perform arthroscopic surgery to repair or […]

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Rotator Cuff Injuries

  Shoulder pain and weakness is very common. The rotator cuff tendon which moves your shoulder, can fail due to repetitive use or injury.The spectrum of injuries to your shoulder can range from inflammation, arthritis, instability, partial and complete rotator cuff tears. Your surgeon will examine you and perform tests to diagnose your condition and […]

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ACL Tears

  The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the main stabilizing ligaments in the knee. The ACL can be injured during sports or other twisting injuries. If the ACL is damaged, your knee will be more unstable. If you want to continue an active lifestyle, stability of the knee is crucial and ACL reconstruction […]

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  Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where your surgeon inserts a small camera inside the joint through a small incision. This procedure allows the surgeon to examine and treat different conditions, including cartilage damage (e.g. meniscal tears), ligament reconstruction (e.g. ACL tears), tendon repair (e.g. rotator cuff tears) and arthritic conditions. Arthroscopic surgery […]

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Merritt Island Surgery Center

  A number of outpatient surgeries can be performed at the Merritt Island Surgery Center, which is located in the same building as SCO. This facility provides high quality outpatient surgical care at a very convenient location for our patients.    

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  Hyaluronate injections into the knee joint can provide cushioning and lubrication. These injections are comprised of a thick jel-like substance hyaluronate. This substance is a naturally occurring protein in joints. As joints weaken and degenerate (e.g. arthritis), these injections may alleviate pain. Talk to our physicians to see if you would be a candidate […]

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  Our office provides in-house fitting of braces, splints and other DME (durable medical equipment). Depending on insurance coverage, most of these items can be fitted in our office at the time of your visit.    

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  Our office offers in-house imaging that allows our physicians to evaluate and diagnose any orthopedic condition expediently. If further imaging (e.g.CT scan, MRI) is necessary, our physicians may refer you to the appropriate imaging center in order to make a more complete and accurate diagnosis.    

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