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Healthy Older Man

Using Nerve Stem Cell Therapy To Promote Knee Cartilage Repair

Injured cartilage cannot properly heal on its own and often requires a combination of surgical techniques and physical therapy to be able to repair and replace the damaged cartilage. The knees are especially prone to cartilage damage due to the amount of pressure and flexibility needed to support the body’s range of motion, and depending […]

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Ankle Injury

How To Reach Recovery Goals After Ankle And Foot Surgery

Regardless of how successful the foot or ankle surgery was, no one truly enjoys the recovery process. In the simplest of procedures, the recovery period can take a couple of weeks. In more serious cases, you can expect to spend a couple of months in surgery. You’ll participate in physical therapy and rehab to help […]

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Shoulder replacement rendering

Improved Shoulder Replacements With Computer Assistance

As imaging and computer technology continues to advance, more and more orthopedic treatment options become available. Computer-assisted arthroplasty is an example of this form of innovation entering into joint care. What once required fuzzy X-rays and guesswork to accomplish can now be done with confidence and precision. This is accomplished through computer-assisted arthroplasty, providing a […]

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AI Technology Vector

How AI Technology Is Improving Orthopedic Practices

Artificial intelligence has been quickly gaining momentum and has become more integrated into our daily lives. From social media algorithms to voice integration technology, many aspects of our lives contain rudimentary artificial intelligence forms. The medical industry has been slowly working to have more AI technology in today’s practices, and in orthopedics, the use of […]

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Injured Athlete

How Sports Analytics Prevent Injuries In Athletes

One area of sports-related medical science is known as sports analytics. This important practice helps identify athletes who are at the greatest risk of experiencing an injury. Working with these patients, skilled orthopedic specialists are able to provide a plan for limiting their risk of injury. Further, they can provide effective treatment methods when an […]

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Rotator Cuff

Biologic Approach to Rotator Cuff Repair

Having a torn rotator cuff can be debilitating. It is considered one of the most common sources of pain experienced by adults due to how prominent our shoulders are in performing daily activities and tasks. When the tendons are torn, then the tendons begin to fray, and damage further progresses, especially for those over the […]

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Hip replacement x-ray

What Are The Risks With Total Hip Surgery?

Having total hip replacement due to the presence of excruciating hip pain and discomfort can be both reassuring and frightening. Whether your hip’s been damaged from arthritis, an accident, or some other cause, it’s important to know how total hip replacement could help you find better relief, as more than 450,000 hip replacements are surgically […]

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Sciatica Pain

Can Surgery Help Your Chronic Sciatica?

Chronic sciatica can be painful and exhausting, radiating down your hips, buttocks, legs, and even down to your feet. According to studies from Harvard Health, as many as 40% of people will get sciatica throughout their lives. Those who suffer from acute to chronic back pain can become more affected by sciatica later on in […]

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Woman with osteoporosis symptoms

What Women Should Know About Having Osteoporosis

Women over the age of 50 have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis, and about 80% of women throughout the United States have osteoporosis already. When menopause begins, the hormonal changes often affect women’s bone mass, as women generally have smaller, thinner bones than men. These hormonal changes include estrogen, one of the main hormones […]

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Discussing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Discovering If Your Symptoms Are Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic inflammation of the joints can result in a chronic disease known as Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA). In many cases, the inflammation of the joints can be severe enough to cause the joints to deform. This is particularly visible in the hands, where the movement of the fingers can be impaired. Another sign of rheumatoid arthritis is […]

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