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Athlete facing problems with cartilage in knee

Cartilage Transplantation: A Game-Changer for Athletes’ Joint Injuries

When addressing severe sports injuries, especially those involving cartilage damage, cartilage transplantation offers an innovative, advanced treatment approach that helps athletes and active individuals regain strength and mobility. At Space Coast Orthopedics, our team of professionals is here to provide a short guide on what cartilage transplantation is, what conditions it can treat, and how […]

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Orthopedic Surgery

Suture Care After Orthopedic Surgery

Proper care for your incision after orthopedic surgery is crucial for giving your surgery a chance to heal and minimizing complications. At Space Coast Orthopedics, we are here to help you through all stages of your orthopedic care, and when you’re recovering from your incision at home, our team will ensure that you’ll have the […]

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Patient Recieving Prolotherapy in Elbow Joint

What is Prolotherapy? The Groundbreaking Technique for Pain Management and Healing

In orthopedic medicine, new pain management and healing approaches are constantly emerging. One alternative technique that has been rising in trend is prolotherapy, a regenerative therapy that claims to alleviate chronic pain and promote tissue healing. While the efficacy of prolotherapy is limited, we’re here to explain some of the aspects of prolotherapy as a […]

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Spinal Surgery

What Should You Expect After Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery is a significant medical procedure involving many factors and risks. The surgery and recovery process can be daunting, but it dramatically improves your life if your orthopedic surgeon recommends it. It’s important to know what to expect from your upcoming spine surgery, so we’re here to cover the basics and help guide you […]

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Model with Hip and Knee Pain Highlighted

Hip And Knee Pain: Are They Related?

Aging and joint pain seem like a match made in hell for many people, as you lose your get-up-and-go abilities, and even simple movements can be challenging. For many people, hip pain and knee pain often go hand in hand, but what often causes this correlation? Most researchers cite that osteoarthritis is the most common […]

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Person Experiencing Hand Pain

How Hydrodissection Can Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause symptoms of tingling, pain, and numbness throughout the thumbs, index fingers, middle fingers, and ring fingers due to the compression of the median nerve. In traditional cases, cortisone injections are used to provide temporary relief from their symptoms, and carpel tunnel surgery is often resorted to as a more permanent […]

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Athletic Man Expericing Ankle Problems Outdoors

The Impact of Air Pollution on Osteoporosis and Bone Loss

Osteoporosis is a condition that occurs in about 44 million people, or about more than half of those 50 and older. It contributes to about 2.1 osteoporosis-related bone fractures, resulting in about $20 billion in annual direct health costs. It’s a condition that disproportionately affects women, as about 80 percent of the ten million people […]

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Femur Fracture X-Ray

Femoral Fractures: Treating One Of Childhoods Most Common Bone Injuries

The femur is the most prominent bone in the body, making standing and walking possible. Femur fractures occur when the thighbone comes under significant force. When these types of fractures occur in children, it’s essential to seek medical care immediately, as it’s crucial to try and protect it from damage. At our orthopedic clinic, we […]

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Joint Rehabilitation Through Physical Therapy

What is Orthopedic Rehabilitation? Its Benefits and How It Helps

For people with conditions that limit their ability to perform everyday activities, orthopedic rehabilitation is considered one of the most assured ways to help people get back on track. Orthopedic rehabilitation work to treat conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, integrating your body and making it work for you again. But what is orthopedic rehabilitation […]

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Patients recieving outpatient care

Why You Should Consider Outpatient Programs For Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement has two main goals: to help patients relieve pain and restore the function of their joints. Today’s implants for joint replacements are more successful than they used to be because the technologies aiding these procedures have also improved. In addition, total joint replacements have started moving from traditional hospital settings to outpatient […]

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