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Woman receiving injection in shoulder joint

Injections That Can Help Your Joints

Joint pain is often one of the most common conditions among adults. The most severe form of joint pain can keep people from staying active, making simple tasks such as walking, chores, and making dinner seem almost impossible. Most often, people with joint pain get prescribed medication for relieving the pain or have to go […]

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Elderly woman working with a physical therapist

Are You a Candidate for Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy aims to improve mobility and function throughout the body, but many people wonder if physical therapy can help them in their ailments and illnesses. The answer: Many people can benefit from physical therapy, even if they’re not injured because physical therapy can act as a preventative for conditions and illnesses. Because physical therapists […]

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Aching Lower Back

How to Effectively Describe Back Pain to Your Orthopedist

To determine back pain, you’ll need to visit an experienced back pain doctor to describe the conditions you experience. Describing these conditions is essential, because the type of pain you feel can result from many conditions, and for doctors who have to find solutions and treatment plans for these issues, it can easily be misinterpreted […]

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Elderly woman holding back in pain

Get Results When Describing Back Pain To Your Orthopedist

One of the most challenging things for a patient can be explaining their experience with pain to their orthopedist. Discerning the cause of a patient’s discomfort requires an understanding of how that patient is experiencing pain. Unfortunately, describing pain can be more difficult than it sounds, especially describing it in a way that is meaningful […]

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Signs You May Need a Hip Replacement

Hip replacements are considered serious procedures. That’s because the hip helps support walking and bending functions for the body, and when stiffness and no-relief pain interferes, the condition can cause further health problems that greatly reduce one’s quality of life. Hip pain can have multiple causes, and for most people, the pain they experience is […]

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Staying Active During The Holidays

With the winter season upon us, you’re probably trying to figure out how you can stay active and keep the pounds off through the holidays. With all the joy and love that gets spread around this time of year, there’s an accompanying bounty of rich meals and desserts that can make keeping weight off during […]

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Avoiding Muscle Cramps

What are muscle cramps? An involuntary contraction, muscle spasms can occur suddenly, can be resolved quickly, and are often painful. Depending on the muscle and where its located, it can last from a few minutes to an hour. Spasm consists of small twitches in the muscles, an uncontrolled fine movement of segments in the muscle […]

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Idiopathic Scoliosis in Children and Adolescents

When we’re children one of the first things we get checked for during our school years is scoliosis. This word is used to describe a condition that causes a sideways curvature of the spine. In most cases this condition is idiopathic, meaning that there is no discernible cause of the condition. The period of life […]

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Preventing Arthritis

Arthritis is a commonly diagnosed condition, but when people generally think of arthritis, they think of how it affects the joints, specifically in the fingers and knuckles. However, arthritis can occur in any joint where the tendons are painfully inflamed and stiff. Numerous factors cause this condition to arise, but there isn’t a cure yet […]

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What Is Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular Dystrophy is a form of disease that involves muscle mass being lost and an increasing degree of weakness. This disease occurs as the result of abnormal genes that prevent that normal formation of healthy muscle by interfering with protein production. A common misconception is that all forms of muscular dystrophy are the same, or […]

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