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Signs You May Need a Hip Replacement

Hip replacements are considered serious procedures. That’s because the hip helps support walking and bending functions for the body, and when stiffness and no-relief pain interferes, the condition can cause further health problems that greatly reduce one’s quality of life. Hip pain can have multiple causes, and for most people, the pain they experience is […]

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hip osteoarthritis and replacement

Hip Osteoarthritis and Replacement

Hip osteoarthritis is an incredibly common degenerative joint disease that occurs when the cartilage at the end of bones wears down. This cartilage plays a vital role in preventing bone from rubbing bone. When it wears down you suddenly experience long-term pain that is caused by bone rubbing on bone. Although osteoarthritis is common, it […]

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Shoulder Replacement

  Shoulder joints are crucial in any overhead lifting and reaching activities. Although most shoulder problems can be treated with non-operative treatment or less invasive surgery (e.g. arthroscopic), some patients with more advanced arthritis may need shoulder replacement to return to their activities of active daily living.    

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Hip Replacement

  Hip joints are engaged in every step we make. When they hurt, it can really slow us down. After a thorough examination by our surgeons, non-operative or operative treatments may be recommended, depending on the condition.As our hip joint ages, or sometimes due to injury, hip replacement may be recommended. More than 168,000 total […]

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Knee Replacement

Healthy knee joints are crucial to staying active. As we age, our knees can degenerate, become painful, and slow us down. Non-operative treatment may be initiated at first, but when all conservative treatment is exhausted, total or partial knee replacement may be recommended. Joint replacement has become a very successful procedure. After a full recovery, […]

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