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Keeping Healthy Bones On A Dairy Free Diet

Non-dairy milk options

There’s a rising trend in dietary choices these days that mean more and more people are abandoning dairy as part of their diet. For years we’ve been told that eating dairy is a good way of getting the calcium we need to build strong bones, and in fact has been held out as the single best way to do so. But what if you aren’t able to drink milk? What if your dietary choices or just your own chemistry determines that milk isn’t an option available to you? Thankfully, there are other ways to support bone health that don’t involve the consumption of milk, and we’ll shed some light on those.

Keeping Your Bones Healthy When Milk Isn’t On The Menu
Alright, so we’ve already established you can’t consume milk, so what else can you do? Thankfully milk isn’t the only source of calcium in the world, it’s just the one that popular media and common wisdom indicate is the best way to get it, as well as a source of Vitamin D. These aren’t the only things involved in keeping healthy bones, but they’ll be covered below.

Let The Sunshine In – One of the reasons that milk is fortified with Vitamin D is that it is integral in our ability to incorporate the natural calcium found in it. However, getting out in the sun can help your body naturally generate Vitamin D, so if you’ve counted out milk, get out in the sun and let it do its work.
• Go Green – We’ve often been told that greens are a great source of iron, but what is less talked about is their place as a source of calcium. Broccoli, greens, spinach, and kale are all great sources of calcium, and when combined with extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil you get your Vitamin D to boot.
• Add Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Omega-3 fatty acids are important in building healthy bones as well, and so should be included if you aren’t consuming milk.
• Go Nuts – On top of the low-fat protein you can get from eating nuts like almonds, you also get a huge boost of calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc from the food. Magnesium has been shown to play a vital role in helping bones retain their density.

If your dietary needs include cutting dairy out of your food options, then you’ll need to take steps to ensure that your bones remain healthy throughout your life. On top of the above dietary changes, you should also be certain to get plenty of exercises, especially exercise that involves feats of strength as these have been shown to contribute to bone density. You should also stop in and have a conversation with a professional in bone health like Dr. Luc Teurlings at Space Coast Orthopedics. Schedule an appointment and you’ll get a chance to get guidance on how to adjust your diet and lifestyle to make room for a life without dairy. Don’t let a dairy free diet rob you of strong healthy bones, call today!

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