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Running Without Injury

One of the most popular ways of getting in shape is to get out and hit the road running. This activity combines getting outside, working your cardio, and generally just enjoying the world around you in a more involved way. However, running can also be difficult to get into for many reasons, and if done improperly can be very hard on the body. We put this guide together to help the fledgling running enthusiast find their way into their new hobby with sprinting success! If you’re getting started with running, check out these three easy tips to make sure your first run isn’t a grind!

Three Easy Ways To Make Running Easier
On the surface, it doesn’t appear that there’s much to this running thing, right? You get on some clothes that breathe, strap on some running shoes, and go put leather to the sidewalk, how hard could it be? The truth of the matter is that running properly has a lot more to it than it looks, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult! Just keep the following things in mind when you start heading out on the road:

• Posture Matters – Our bodies work best when we use them in a way that takes advantage of its natural mechanical tendencies. Improper mechanics can lead to all sorts of inconveniences, including neck, knee, shoulder, and hip pain. To make sure you get the most out of your run keep a level chin with your eyes forward, anchor your shoulders down and relaxed, make use of your core muscles to keep your torso upright and your spine aligned, keep your elbows at 90 degrees and your hands loose rather than balled in a fist.
• Run Regularly – Repetition and consistency matter when doing any exercise regimen and running is no different. Research has revealed that those who run regularly perform better and see their bodies optimize to the activity automatically, including adjustments of their posture. To run better more often, do more running more often.
• Variety Is The Spice Of Life – While you should always push yourself to new heights, running at the peak of your ability at all times is actually detrimental to your rate of success. In fact, consistent and regular variations show the best results, as is demonstrated in the 30-20-10 formula. This means you run casually for 30 seconds, push up the speed for 20 seconds, and then go all out for 10 seconds before starting the process all over again. This process has shown the best results for fledgling and experienced runners alike.

Are you getting ready to start a new exercise regime that includes running and want to make sure you get the most out of it? Pick up the phone and call Dr. Luc Teurlings at Space Coast Orthopedics in Merritt Island, FL today. As part of their orthopedic practice, they specialize in sports medicine, working to help these enthusiasts perform at their best while protecting their long-term health. Sports of any kind can be hard on the body if done improperly, so call today!

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