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Keep Your Joints Strong With These Tips

The human body was never meant to be stationary, and we have joints that prove it. Every part of our body does better when it spends time in motion, and our sedentary lifestyles are a major detriment to the overall health of our bodies. Nearly three-quarters of all adults in major industrialized countries report experiences with back pain that manifests in a chronic way, and this is a situation you shouldn’t take sitting down. It’s possible for most people to live long, healthy, active lives without experiencing the aches and pains that come with tired joints. We’re going to give you a few tips that can help you achieve that goal.

Walk More

There’s little more that needs to be said here, get out and walk more. The action involved with walking compressing the joints of your knee and ankles and ensures that you cartilage receives the nutrients it needs to remain elastic. It also boosts the production of the vital substance that prevents pain and keeps your joint lubricated, synovial fluid. So get out there and move, walk to work, take the stairs, take weekly hikes with friends and family, have lunch at the diner down the street instead of the office cafe. Just move.

Bare Your Sole

Anytime you can you should go about with bare feet, allowing your body to move naturally and make contact with the ground beneath it. The cushioned nature of most shoes cause your Achilles tendon to shorten and the alignment of your ankles are affected. Every element of your body moves in time with everything else, and changing even one element, like having padded soles, changes the whole way your body moves.

Sit Less

That’s right, the act of sitting down is terrible for your overall health, especially when done for long periods. There’s certainly nothing wrong with resting your body, but Americans spend the vast majority of their day stationary, and that means that blood flow, the delivery of nutrients, and the length of your tendons and ligaments are all affected throughout the day. Trying using a standing desk to help reduce your time sitting down, or just set an alarm to remind you to stand and stretch every 20 minutes throughout the day.

Stretch Often

Stretching is a good way to offset the tightness that builds up during your daily routine, especially if you spend most of it not moving at all. This is even more important if you exercise at all, as the stretching motion ensures that when you finally get a chance to do your activity for the day you’re not going to strain something and hurt yourself.

These are just a few tips to help you live a longer life with healthy joints. If you want to learn more contact Dr. Luc Tuerlings at Space Coast Orthopedics in Merrit Island FL. Their team is actively involved with serving the local orthopedic community, patients and doctors alike, and will happily welcome you to be part of their family.

Luc Teurlings, MD The team at Space Coast Orthopedics is proud to provide the communities of Merritt Island, FL, and the entire space coast with exceptional orthopedic services. From physical therapy to surgical solutions for concerns affecting joints resulting from sports injuries, natural aging, or trauma, we work with our patients to restore and maintain an active life.
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