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Preventing Common Sports Injuries

If your New Year’s Resolution involves starting a more active lifestyle it’s important to make sure you don’t sabotage yourself by overdoing it or not taking proper precautions. It’s exciting to begin a new future with great ambition and a drive to improve your physical health by being more active, and we congratulate you on this choice. Below we’re going to provide some tips for people like you who are driven to improve but are new to the world of the active lifestyle.

What Kind Of Injuries Can Occur From Sports and Active Living?

Your muscles and tendons are conditioned to the lifestyle you’re used to living, changing that lifestyle without injury is going to require giving them a chance to adapt. If you push yourself too hard you may find yourself being put out of commission before you’ve even begun by one of the following common injuries:

  • Sprains: Under conditioned ligaments are more prone to sprains caused by unexpected twists or falls. A sprain is what happens when ligaments become torn or overstretched as a result.

  • Muscle Strains: A sudden stretch of your muscle can lead to a strain, especially if its beyond its tolerance.

  • Broken Bones and Fractures: Landing wrong or an impact can lead to a cracking (fracture) or break of a bone. Stress fractures occur from repetitive impacts such as those caused by jumping or running.

  • Knee Injuries: Chronic overuse of the knee, sudden acute trauma, or any combination of these can result in a number of issues with body’s most complex joint, the knee.

  • Shin Splints: Extensive high intensity workouts, failure to stretch prior to working out, and bad shoes can all be responsible to stressing the connective tissues and bones of the shins.

  • Dislocations: Too much force from a fall or a hit in the wrong place can knock a joint out of alignment. Hands, shoulders, and fingers are all prone to being dislocated.

How To Avoid Getting Injured

Most of these injuries can be avoided with a little caution, a dose of preparation, and not pushing yourself too hard too fast as you strive into the new year. Keep the following in mind while working out:

  • Slow and Steady – Build your endurance and strength up over time, pushing further and working harder as your body adapts. A mad rush will just end up in injury.

  • Warm Up – Gentle stretches and taking care of your body before you work out will give it time to be ready for what’s ahead.

  • Safe Environment – Make sure your environment is safe and clear of obstacles, debris, and other things that can lead to accidents and injury.

Congratulations on starting your journey to greater personal health in the year ahead, we’re sure you’re going to do amazingly. If you’d like professional help along the way contact the specialists at Merritt Island, FL based Space Coast Orthopedics today! An appointment with Dr. Luc Teurling and his team of experts will help you prepare for an active and exciting year ahead.

Luc Teurlings, MD The team at Space Coast Orthopedics is proud to provide the communities of Merritt Island, FL, and the entire space coast with exceptional orthopedic services. From physical therapy to surgical solutions for concerns affecting joints resulting from sports injuries, natural aging, or trauma, we work with our patients to restore and maintain an active life.
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